Author: Alexa Brunet

Instagram changing to a Video-sharing app? Here’s what to expect!

Written by: Tori Jakpa Instagram has been a top social media platform for many years and continues to keep up with the trends, and continually creates new features to keep its users loyal. Recently, it was announced the long-time photo-sharing app would be making changes to keep up with their biggest rival, TikTok, which has

How to Utilize TikTok Trends for your Brand

Written by: Claire Dawkins We have seen TikTok revolutionize social media, music, and more. How can your brand grab onto this fast-growing social media platform and make the most of it?  In a report on TikTok as a marketing social media, it was revealed that only 43.8% of industry professionals and their teams used creator

How To Use Facebook Ads to Gain a Competitive Edge

Social media platforms have been updating and transforming their platform to suit business owners better. Still, Facebook has managed to propel itself to the top of the social media race and remains there today.

What are content pillars, and why should you use them?

Written by: Tori Jakpa  A content pillar can be broken down into many different sections and materials. It can be used to describe a specific topic or theme. It’s a large piece of content that can be turned into various smaller pieces to fuel all the multiple channels you currently struggle to fill. As a

Five Must-Have Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

Written by: Tori Jakpa Having an online presence on social media can be very tasking, from planning content to communicating to your existing and potential customers, keeping up with your sales, and coming up with strategies to boost engagement. It’s a lot, especially if you’re a small business with limited employees to distribute that kind

How Social Advocacy Can Help Your Brand

Written by: Taylor Baker As a social media platform, your business assumes a social responsibility to keep up with social causes. Most customers appreciate a company that keeps up with social causes and promotes social advocacy. Through social media, you can show how your business can advocate for social justice. Advocating for social causes doesn’t

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Followers

Written by: Tori Jakpa Social media platforms play a huge role for most people in their daily lives. Most spend hours just scrolling through content; some spend time making content to put out there for their viewers, while others try to keep up with their favorite celebs, influencers, and many more. Since the use of

Are Paid Ads Really Worth It?

Written by: Tori Jakpa Any business wants more engagement and traffic on their platforms, and we know they will strive to put in any effort, even if it means breaking their bank to promote their business. When push comes to shove, most companies decide to put out an ad that most social media platforms offer

The Truth Behind Going Viral

Written by: Tori Jakpa Everyone wants to go viral, whether it’s for their business, for their gain, or just for fun. Most of the time, it happens by chance (like the feta pasta recipe that blew up around February on TikTok), while other times, strategies are applied for that content to go viral. Going viral

Clubhouse: Is it worth the “hype”?

Written by: Tori Jakpa The invite audio-only social media app was founded in March 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rogan Seth, going viral seemingly overnight during the pandemic. Many celebrities and other renowned people joined the app, such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Tiffany Haddish, Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, and many more. The app’s exclusivity