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Trend Tracker 2021: 5 Trends to Keep an Eye on in the New Year

Given that a majority of consumers stayed home this year, the digital media landscape changed dramatically in 2020. How will these changes impact digital media in 2021? 1. A “Less Is More” Approach As a result of COVID-19, many brands have capitalized on 2020 by developing meaningful and “in-touch” campaigns rather than producing mass content.

Platform Pros and Cons for Your Business

The number of social media platforms grows exponentially each year. We’ve compiled a list of detailed pros and cons to help you discover which platform is best suited for your industry. Facebook: Pros: Large reach Able to utilize targeted ads Simple customer interactions Cons:  Paid ads can get expensive over time Need to maintain consistent

Social Media Expectations Vs. Reality

Whenever you plan to start a new venture, your expectations can be sure to run wild. Once that venture is underway, however, reality sets in, and you have to work to adjust those expectations. Today, we will address some common expectations and realities of social media marketing on different platforms and how to meet in

How to Share Your Brand’s Core Values on Social Media

Your brand’s core values take a mission statement to the next level by communicating your brand’s morals, personality, identity, and goals. They reflect the reasoning behind a brand’s actions. Why should I share my brand’s values on social media? By presenting your core values on social media, you can promote your brand as organic and

Understanding Keywords and SEO

Why do I need to use keywords on my social media platforms or website? Keywords are the driving force behind search engine results. Consider when you go to research something via Google. You use specific keywords that you think will provide answers to what you are searching for. The same goes for your potential customers

Marketing Utility: What is It and Why Do I Care?

Marketing utility is the value that your customers place on your product or service. There are five kinds of utility that can help your brand understand trends to predict spending habits. 1. Utility of Time This is an all-important component of marketing. When is your service available? Will your product arrive quickly? Consumers do not

How Can Negative Reviews Benefit Your Brand?

A negative customer review can feel like the end of the world, especially for small businesses. As it turns out, however, negative reviews can actually benefit your brand in the long run. By nature, a review is an outsider’s point of view or statement on your product. A review can provide critical and valuable insight

Why You Should Host an Online Auction

1. Wider Reach than Before This is an all-important component of marketing. When is your service available? Will your product arrive quickly? Consumers do not want to have to navigate a complicated timeline for something that should not be complicated in the first place. Consumers want to have confidence in a product or service, so

Does Your Brand Need a Social Media Crisis Strategy?

The past year of uncertainty has shown that people, and companies, need to be readyfor anything that comes their way. In this case, your brand might need to consider a socialmedia crisis strategy. Now, it is more important than ever to ensure that your company can adapt to changesas quickly as possible. Social media is