Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

Digital MArketing agency in Washington, D.C.

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BlueTickSocial is a woman-owned and women-led Digital Marketing Agency.

BlueTickSocial (BTS) helps brands augment their digital presence, find their brand voice, and be more influential in the online market.

As an agency working in over 17 different industries, curating and managing over 50 platforms, and growing both externally and internally each year by 200%, we excel at building and scaling a brand's digital marketing presence through social media and blog writing strategies, paid campaigns, website design and development, content marketing, and more.

These tactics have generated thousands of dollars in revenue for clients, increased engagement, such as reaching over 10,000 followers on Instagram in less than one year from strictly organic content, and increasing brand awareness and overall success. BTS's unique social media management will increase how you project your brand voice and reach a larger audience.

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Portrait photo of founder Yasmine

Yasmine Khosrowshahi focuses on big picture growth of the company, both internally and in clientele size and ensures that operations are running smoothly on all fronts.


Lane Tower oversees the marketing team and all clients at BlueTickSocial. Lane has represented clients in over 13 industries while researching new marketing techniques to achieve client goals.


Kara specializes in creating custom content for numerous brands, including photos, videos, and graphics. She ensures that every piece aligns with client's specific goals and stays up-to-date on the latest content trends.


Brianna Hall oversees the writing department at BTS using her expertise in content writing, editing, and copywriting to create evergreen content and scale digital marketing efforts across 10 industries. She also oversees the intern development at BTS.

Fleter Marius

Marius Fleter has been building & designing websites on different platforms for over 5 years. He knows exactly what is needed to optimize the channel that will convert website visits into clients.


Committed to perfecting the art of crafting compelling content, Reema specializes in creating engaging posts, articles, videos, and graphics that resonate with diverse audiences.  Her goal is to weave seamless and impactful brand stories, leaving a lasting impression

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