SEO is a vital tool for any business or brand; here's why you should consider optimizing your SEO on all platforms. We have compiled a few best practices and techniques for implementing SEO into your business. Today, we'll specifically be looking at how to digitally market on Instagram, using SEO.

1. Take Advantage of Instagram's New Keyword Search

A month ago, Instagram announced that it is testing a way for users in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada to search for content on the app by using keywords instead of just hashtags.

By searching using the keyword function, users will be able to land on a page that features posts exactly related to that keyword. You can take advantage of this by using potential keywords in your captions or including alternative texts. With keywords, more potential customers will be able to find your account!

2. Keep Wording Consistent on Your Profile

Let  say your company sells mugs. On Instagram, you want to include the word mug in your display name, username, and bio. Not only is this a good idea for maintaining consistent branding, but Instagram will also populate your account in searches about mugs. The keyword search algorithm is tricky but, once again, if you keep things consistent, there is a higher chance that more people will come across your account.

3. Hashtags! Hashtags! Hashtags!

Hashtags are a classic way to ensure that your brand can be discovered on Instagram. Using hashtags that directly correlate to your brand can put you in touch with your target audience, even if they had not previously followed you.

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