You walk into a supermarket. You hear a rustling and smell a subtle fishy smell   You follow the scent, and there she is!!! EMILY MARIKO!! WITH SALMON AND RICE!!  

And you shout, Wow! Is that really you? Internet influencer star known for her lifestyle content on YouTube who seamlessly moved onto TikTok?    

In all seriousness, Emily Mariko is a wildly successful content creator who was able to transition from years of successful Youtube content onto TikTok seamlessly. But why do you care about this influencer, and what does this mean for your brand?  

Emily Mariko is the perfect example of influencers influencing in action. Since her salmon and rice video went viral, articles and content have popped up everywhere about Emily herself and her signature dish. Just take a look at the google news feed when you search  Emily Mariko

Over 6,000 results when you google just her name. But what about her salmon and rice dish? Mariko gained the majority of her recent following on TikTok because of her lifestyle/meal prep videos. Mariko  most popular videos show her taking leftover rice and salmon and microwaving it with an ice cube. She microwaves this food, removes the ice cube, and adds kewpie mayo and sriracha to the dish. She finishes the dish off by eating it with nori strips.  

People love this video for a variety of reasons. Mariko is highlighting what the internet considers  real eating  With an influx of lifestyle content, specifically on TikTok, many creators are facing backlash for presenting  what I eat in a day   videos that viewers don't think are realistic. Mariko fans are excited that she is advertising holistic meals with standard portion sizes, unlike many other health influences who appear to be in a severe calorie deficit.  

So why should you care about Emily Mariko for your business, and how does this salmon and rice dish matter to you? Let  take another look at the google news feed when you search  Salmon and rice

Over 300,000 results for salmon and rice dishes, with Emily Mariko  signature meal on all of the headlines, are generated for the first 3 pages. Some articles even tell you where to buy Mariko  signature sauce: Japanese Kewpie mayo. Mariko is the perfect example of an influencer pushing popularity and public opinion. If I were a major salmon, rice, mayo, or sriracha company, I would be scrambling to create a partnership with Mariko and have her drive up our profits.  

We already know that today TikTok is driving all of the major trends. We all love traditional advertising, but with a platform like TikTok, we go directly to the creators. With a TikTok following of 6.2 million followers and only growing, Mariko is the perfect influencer to get on board with your brand. Don't be afraid to jump onto trends early and get in contact with the influencers who can make the difference in getting your product or service out there.



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Photo by Anton from Pexels: