Researching for your client may seem daunting at first but you can actually break it down into three main tasks. Read this How-To for a closer look!

What Your Client Wants

Prior to actually starting your research, it is crucial that you develop an understanding of what your client wants in order to then find out what they need. It is important to ask plenty of clarifying questions during your preliminary dialogue with your client. Doing so will not only give you a better sense of what they are looking for, but it will also establish a closer working partnership.  

Getting the Whole Picture

The most important aspect of researching is making sure you're getting both sides of the story. That is, as a researcher it's vital that you remain unbiased and open-minded in how you approach a topic. For example, an article regarding developments in blockchain technology will have both economic and political implications, so it is necessary to research not only your client's side but also information on the opposing viewpoint in order to get the whole picture.

One of the most valuable research tools you can utilize is long-tail keyword searches. Phrasing your research questions using keywords based on the concept you're studying is a great way to narrow down your search options. When researching the latest on blockchain technology, for example, try and tailor your search by using keywords like fintech  and cryptocurrency.

Keeping your Clients in the Loop

Part of being a good researcher is being able to consolidate the information you've acquired into a digestible, easy-to-read report. This also will put your clients at ease because they can follow your research process and gain a better understanding as to how their assigned work and directives are being carried out.

At the end of the day, research should inspire and drive your curiosity- see where it can take you

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