Memes are ingrained in internet culture, combining humor and relatability relate to the masses. Your business  social media page can utilize this by strategically posting its own meme variations to target its ideal buyers. When used correctly, memes can create engaging content that relates to your brand identity.

Utilizing memes helps diversify your social media content. Although your pages should showcase your product first and foremost, the occasional meme can help breakup the pattern of redundant content.

Twitter users especially love a good meme and often stop to read the captions when they see a trending meme.

Using one of these popular trends invites audiences to stop and pay attention to your product, even when they aren't expecting it.

It is essential to keep up with the latest memes by recognizing the most trending memes on social media and analyzing the popularity through Google Trends.  For example, the instant popularity of the Bernie Sanders' Mittens meme flooded the web in early 2021, giving many brands a chance to hop on the bandwagon to integrate the meme into their own content.

Utilizing popular trends helps your content and business look up to date and even helps shape your brand  personality.

However, not all audiences respond to memes the same way. Millennial or GenZ buyers frequently found on Twitter have a different meme library than older customers who prefer Facebook. So, before posting, ask yourself, would my target audience relate to this?

People respond best to things they relate with, so pay attention to who and what the visual is depicting. Most importantly, ask yourself, will potential customers understand the reference?  It  important to keep up with what  popular and tailor it to the audience you want.

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