As the popularity of video on social media continues to grow, it  important to note the ways in which you can utilize it. Today, we're talking about TikTok and Instagram Reels. What is the difference between them, and most importantly, which should you use?


TikTok is a separate social media platform that is built to create short videos, capped at 60 seconds long. Gaining much of its popularity within the past year, users can take advantage of its easy to edit format to create videos.

While the app targets a younger demographic, the appeal of TikTok is that any video has the potential to go viral. The algorithm of the app is a bit of a mystery, but no matter the number of followers or videos you have you can use trending sounds or hashtags to show up on a user's For You Page .

Instagram Reels:

As one of the newer features of Instagram, Reels were created to appeal to the demographic of brands, influencers, and others who were not featured on TikTok but had a considerable following on Instagram.

Users are able to edit and upload videos from within the Instagram app. Reels serve as a midway point between stories and IGTV videos to create more organic connections between brands and users. Most importantly, Reels can be used by any brand; creators can show behind-the-scenes footage of their business or even showcase products.

Which to Use?:

Both platforms offer a very attractive, yet very similar, approach for enhancing your marketing strategy. TikTok allows you to engage with a potential brand-new audience, while Instagram allows you to appeal to your preexisting audience. First, think about the audience or demographic you want to reach. Then, consider the marketing goals you want to accomplish by creating content in this format.

If you are still unsure, I would recommend joining both platforms and simply jumping in with a trial-and-error approach!