The company and platform formerly known as Facebook has announced that it will be changing its name to  Meta  

In addition to a new name, Meta has already debuted a new logo and an  interesting commercial. While the company has been at the center of controversy and lawsuits for a few years, they have argued that their rebrand is not because of that, but rather because Meta wants to reflect their future technological developments beyond traditional social media. Unfortunately, the plans are just that: the future. Until these technological plans have been set into motion, Meta's rebrand seems to be nothing short of futile.  

A rebrand is not a  cure-all  for slow sales or lack of brand awareness. In fact, a rebrand can make those worse by causing customer confusion. A rebrand is perfect, however, if your company changes locations, undergoes a merger, or feels that its values or mission are no longer reflected in the current branding.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels: