The future of all businesses

GenZ grew up reading and hearing about the environmental crisis which made them sustainable in their approach to consumer products. They have very strong values and want to be associated with only those brands which have similar values and beliefs. The personification of brands is now more important than ever before. Gen Zs value individualism and are attracted to a wide variety of resourceful and sustainable business practices. They are identity shifters that look forward to acquiring new skills and trying new things.

So, how do they consume content? The key to this generation is highly visual content. They have a short attention span of fewer than 8 seconds and respond the most to video-related content. 50 % of GenZs are connected on the internet for 10 hours or more every day and 71% browse videos for 3 or more hours per day! This is one of the reasons why drops and one-day stories resonate so well with this generation.

With the internet flooded with data, what is it that stands out to them? It is authenticity. GenZs have a very good filtration process and are not fooled by faux marketing. They grew up with the internet and can easily filter the content in front of them. They also only want to see content adaptive to their needs, personalized for them and relevant to them. They have experienced the convenience of AI since a very young age and appreciate the personal touch a lot more than the earlier generations.

It is clear by now that this generation is made up of multitaskers who have more of an opinion as to what they're looking for. For this reason, in order to get their attention, businesses need to understand them entirely and most importantly, empathize with them. GenZs are also a lot more open to experimenting and trying new businesses. They learn best through gamification, micro-learning and adaptive learning. They are also very eager to educate themselves & 33% watch lessons online, 20% read textbooks on tablets and 32% work with classmates via the Internet. They are on track to be the best-educated generation yet!

Businesses need to understand this power generation and reshape their strategies, clearly define their values and create highly visual content that will stand out. For without their support, the future of businesses is bleak.