In 1996, Bill Gates said, "Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting."  26 years later, it appears that Gates' prediction has come true thanks to the number of individuals and brands that create their own online content.

While photos and videos are what typically come to mind when one hears the word  content, written content is also having its time in the on the screen.

Our Digital Marketing Writer, Lauren Rowe, explains why content writing can be so vital for a brand or company.

"Content writing offers a unique alternative to the idea of visual content and can help your brand establish thought leadership through engaging and brand-relevant material."

Written content is an outlet that allows individuals or a brand to share their ideas, provide information, or encourage their audience to take a particular action. This form of content has the power to strengthen SEO in a way that visual content is unable to so it can have the ability to reach new audiences and convert potential customers.  

Alexa Brunet, our Editor-in-Chief, shares why she thinks content writing has been so successful and will continue to be successful in the future:

"Our fascination with story-telling is an inherent human trait that helps us relate to one another. What better way to connect with your audience than by sharing your story as a brand? In this way, content writing is changing the way businesses are able to directly communicate with their customers, as it allows brands to maintain authentic, personable, and consistent consumer relations ."

It will be interesting to see how content changes in 26 more years, but we are confident that content writing will continue to be a powerful tool to drive engagement for years to come.


Photo by from Pexels: