1. Only Large Corporations Need Digital Marketing

The number of people shopping online has grown exponentially over the last decade, just like the number of active social media users logging on daily. At first, you may think these growing statistics are solely good news for large, well-established businesses - that's where you're wrong. Digital Marketing is necessary for every business or organization, large and small.According to a 2020 Red Egg Marketing study, 82.76 % of shoppers say they would rather support a local business than a large corporation, (Red Egg Marketing, 2020). In this way, the digital space is fraught with opportunities for small businesses to connect with their existing and potential customers.

2. Is SEO All That Important?

With hundreds of thousands of possible search results, how do you end up as the first option? Due to the sheer volume of results, one gets when surfing online, it's hard to believe that SEO strategies can guarantee that top position. However, SEO is actually the handiest tool available to you. The trick with SEO strategies is that you have to constantly update the backend of your website by adding in relevant keywords - but who has time for that? The easiest way to ensure your SEO strategy is up-to-date is to introduce blog writing. By publishing weekly or bi-monthly, you can rest assured that your keywords will come through on Google  results page, improving your overall SEO while also educating your audience. It's truly a win-win situation!

3. We're Not Just Posting Content

 It's easy to say that all digital marketers do is post graphic content. In reality, there  a lot that goes on behind the scenes; whether it's researching the best times of days to post for your target audience, updating hashtag strategies, designing the content itself, or tending to client needs, digital marketers do so much more than press post. Our beloved Digital Marketing Manager Lane Tower shares her insight as to people's misconceptions about the digital marketing field: "Most people assume working in social media just means posting on Instagram all day. What they don't know is that hours of research, calculation, and backend work go on all day. Getting to post on social media platforms is the end result of our preparation."