Coming at you live from Instagram, it’s your.....friendly neighborhood small business?!? Instagram Live has been around for a while now but is typically only used by celebrities to connect with their fans for a certain amount of time. Having your small business go live can distinguish you from other competing businesses and help further establish your social presence, so here are a few other reasons why you should go live on Instagram. 

First, some background on Instagram Live. Created in 2016, this feature allows users to broadcast a real-time video to their followers- kind of like a one-way FaceTime call. Instagram Live is a great way for people to see what’s going on with someone else at that exact moment, as opposed to simply watching their Instagram stories. Instagram Live also features a comment section, which can assist in creating a conversation between the person going live and their audience. These live videos have become a way for people to create connections between them and their followers by showcasing a more authentic and personable side of their business.

Why Should My Business Use Instagram Live?

Since Instagram Lives are conducted in real-time and are, by nature, unedited videos, small businesses are given the opportunity to display and share what they stand for and who they are. A live video or feed can allow the audience to see the person, or people, behind the business, which can ultimately convert into a stronger connection between the brand and its potential customers. Putting a face and background to a brand is something that larger businesses are not easily able to do– all the more reason to take advantage of this feature! Even further, establishing a connection between businesses and audiences will prompt your audience to visit your page more frequently and potentially purchase your products or services. 

Even though everyone’s Instagram feed is specific to their activity on the app, this is actually a great advantage for small businesses. You are now able to shop and purchase items via Instagram and according to the platform, around 83% of users discover new services and products and 80% decide if they want to buy a service or a product right from the platform (Wise, 2022). 

These statistics prove that promoting your business on Instagram works, so why not take it a step further with Instagram Live? Live videos can be used to market yourself, your products, or your services as well! When conducting a live video feed, show off some of your best-selling products, open up the comment box or Q&A button for viewers to ask about your services, conduct a demonstration, or even ask your viewers what they might like to see from your brand in the future! Whatever you decide to do on your Instagram Lives, it is important that you make an effort to connect with those watching. 

How Do I Start Instagram Lives?

If you’re stumped on where to begin, tune in to an Instagram Live of a business or an individual. This can help you get familiar with the way Instagram Lives are conducted and you might even discover a source of inspiration for your own future Instagram Lives.

When you go live, create a positive and upbeat environment. This will keep your audience engaged and intrigued about what you’re selling. Create anticipation leading up to your Instagram Live by promoting it on your story, sharing what followers can expect to see, and encouraging viewers to share any questions they have in the comments. These are simple ways to engage your followers before you even go live and will encourage them to join your feed. 

Don’t forget to plan an agenda for your Instagram Live! This can help to avoid any awkward pauses, and will also make sure you’re hitting all of your important points. Having a consistent flow while live will help retain viewers and keep them interested throughout the duration of your feed. 

How Long Should My Instagram Live Be?

When planning out your live, it is important to keep it concise. Even if you have a bunch of interesting ideas lined up, attention on social media is limited, making it a bit difficult to get everything you want to say out, while also keeping it short. This problem can be easily solved with the help of a content calendar! In short, a content calendar is a tool you should use when deciding what and when to post on social media. Creating one of these for the month can help you map out when you’ll post vs when you’ll go live. Once you know this schedule, you’ll be able to start hinting at or promoting your next Instagram Live and initiate anticipation amongst your followers. 

The biggest takeaway from this is that small businesses can use Instagram Live to their advantage. Large corporation companies are frequently unable to establish an intimate connection between themselves and their audience, giving small businesses a slight upper hand when it comes to this area on social media! If you are looking for a way to enhance your brand’s social media presence, contact us at BlueTickSocial for more information!


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