Video is one of the fastest-growing tools across social media channels (hi, TikTok). Read this guide to find out why you should be using videos for your brand!

1. Videos Can Be Repurposed

Videos are a powerful tool because they naturally have more longevity than photos do! It is possible to use video to create blanket content that can be repurposed on multiple occasions. For example, strong holiday content that utilizes videos can be uploaded year after year while still maintaining relevance. In this way, you are branding yourself as trending which in turn transforms your marketing strategy into one that is unique, consistent, and current.

2. Personifies Your Brand

With videos, you have the unique opportunity to personify your brand. Videos allow you to show, not tell, people that you are more than a brand. By personifying your brand, you can build lasting relationships with followers, consumers, and customers in a way that they will feel more connected to you.

3. Increases Engagement and Reach

With video service TikTok gaining popularity, other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have increased their use of video content. Similar to reason one, videos being supported across multiple platforms allows you to repurpose content for different audiences. Generally speaking, video is seen as more compelling than static images; people are more likely to stop scrolling for a video than a post. Most importantly, if they are compelling enough, videos act as a natural call-to-action because people will want to share them. By incorporating video content in your social media marketing, you’ll see increased engagement, have a larger market reach, and most importantly, an organic social media marketing strategy.