Whether you're in full lockdown, stage 4 of reopening or back to business as usual, it is more important now than ever to support small businesses. Since March, many small businesses have taken a hit from the pandemic. Many have experienced a decrease in sales, layoffs or have even closed down. Fortunately, the DMV offers a wide range of unique and beneficial businesses and it  our job to support them.

Why Small Businesses Matter

They create jobs

Chances are you know at least one person who either owns or works for a small business. Use this time to support that person. Small businesses give jobs to those that may not be able to work for a large corporation. They are involved in the community and are constantly giving back to organizations around them.

They give opportunities to entrepreneurs

Supporting a small business is supporting someone's dream. How can you work in the consumer goods industry with no consumers? Or the service industry with no one serving? It simply doesn't work that way. It is our job to help these entrepreneurs perform their skills. Think of this as a time to support someone's great idea or passion.

They bring business to your neighborhood

Have you ever walked to a local restaurant or shop and didn't notice any of the other brick and mortars? Didn't think so. Small businesses bring in a large draw of locals and travelers, alike. People especially want to see products and/or services local to the areas they're visiting.

They are better for the environment

Compared to larger chains or superstores, small businesses have a much smaller carbon footprint. Most have no need for factories or warehouses. This means less waste and gasses are emitted into the environment. Since many of these businesses are local, most people can walk or ride their bike instead of using cars or public transportation.

I have challenged myself to support at least one small business a week. Whether it  ordering takeout, buying a small gift for a friend, or buying a handcrafted card to use for later, these small acts are greatly appreciated and go a long way. What small business are you going to support this week?

Go Popolo Pizza

DMV Small Businesses to Support

Go Popolo SPK

A casual restaurant with artisanal wood-fired pizzas and other Italian delicacies.

Alchemist Coffee Company

A DC based sustainable nitro brew coffee company that delivers to your doorstep.

Boulangerie Christophe

A French bakery with some of the best croissants you'll ever taste.

Salt & Sundry

A home and lifestyle boutique with colorful, unique and bohemian goods.

Anna Kemper Atelier

A home decor and design store filled with furniture and accessories for your dream space.

12 Past 7 Designs

Custom cards, posters, invitations and other cheerful gifts.

Cadence Candle Co

Hand poured, luxury, soy candles with eco-friendly wicks for a perfect gift.


Bean to bar chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Boulangerie Christophe Bread