Any business wants more engagement and traffic on their platforms, and we know they will strive to put in any effort, even if it means breaking their bank to promote their business. When push comes to shove, most companies decide to put out an ad that most social media platforms offer to meet their target audience based on the algorithm.

Since social media advertising has become a staple marketing strategy, businesses usually opt-in for this route to get to their target market speedily while having control of the frequency of their ad depending on their budget. But, how far are you willing to break the bank for this kind of promotion? The bigger the audience or reach, the higher the price, and if your business is a startup, that may not be the best plan for you. It takes a lot of hard work, including creating a perfect campaign, researching the particular platform you plan to use, identifying your niche, getting to know your audience, etc. If you lack knowledge concerning social media marketing or do not have help from a digital agency, your money spent will probably be a waste.

Although this shouldn't discourage you from trying out paid ads, professional help presents an easier alternative. There are other ways to reach your desired goals for your business, like working with an influencer. Depending on your budget, it could be an influencer that is well known within their industry or sometimes a verified famous influencer that is familiar with your target audience, which usually costs more. On the other hand, if your budget is not as accommodating, you can go for a micro-influencer to pay less for the target audience they can reach.

Other options include hiring a social media marketing company to handle the promotion of your business. In this way, you get a more personal connection with those you're working with, unlike these paid ads. You also have the opportunity to explain to the agency what exactly you want for your business and discuss what changes they're willing to make according to your preference.

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