Ever since the 90s, blogging has been an outlet for people to creatively express themselves online to an audience that shares their same interests. A place where people could share everything they love without the fear of being judged and build communities with everyone who supports their dreams, thoughts, and hopes. They are also a way for brands to increase their engagement with their target audience, thanks to search engines. The rise of social media has attempted to kill the power of the blog, but, in truth, blogs are more popular and powerful than ever.

Businesses benefit from blogging because it’s a space where they can “create a more engaging website for your brand,” as well as “teach[ing] consumers about topics that are relevant to your field” (What is the Purpose of a Blog?, 2022). Having a blog on your website will help your customers see the different ways your products can enhance their lives. A blog is the best creative outlet to promote the various uses of your products and demonstrate how much your desired audience never realized what they were missing out on. 

Another asset of having a blog is that they help to generate website traffic from search engines through the incorporation of keywords, allowing more people to find your blog post, and potentially your whole website, through a general search. Due to the creation of SEOs, the internet has made it far easier for people to engage with products and companies they’re interested in based on the specific keywords they put into the search engine. 

Finally, a blog is a great way to develop your brand voice and showcase the “human” side of your company. Establishing your voice will not only demonstrate to your customers who you are as a company but also allows them to see the person behind the business. Engaging with your audience through a blog will show your creative side along with illustrating your passion for your product. The key to blog writing is consistency. Your audience will be looking for consistency in posting, voice, and messaging. In staying consistent, your customers and clients will be able to connect specific ideas, services, or products back to your brand.

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What Is the Purpose of a Blog? (Plus Reasons To Start Blogging)

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