BlueTickSocial's onboarding process takes a deep dive into the client's industry by applying rigorous research techniques and creative branding strategies. Based on our client's goals, we develop a unique and customizable strategy that primarily promotes the client's authenticity online. In doing so, our clients can genuinely and directly connect with their audiences, leading to increased engagement rates; building a positive reputation online is the best way to strengthen customer-brand loyalty and keep the attention of returning customers.

CEO and Founder of BTS, Yasmine Khosrowshahi, explains the importance of having a strategy for your social media.

The first step to marketing is having a plan. You wouldn't go on vacation without having a plan. So you should never invest in marketing without knowing there will be a plan in place,   she says, Strategy is just another word for consistency in digital marketing. You can't create a plan only to use it sometimes; use it all the time.