We've all heard about giveaways on social media apps, especially on Instagram, Facebook, and many other platforms usually hosted by influencers, the brand itself, or collaborations with other brands. But how did this trend of doing giveaways on social media platforms start? Is this giveaway strategy working for brands and influencers?

Are giveaways and sweepstakes the same thing, and what  the difference?

The term giveaway  is an umbrella term for sweepstakes, contests, or competition. Although these terms are similar, they have slightly different meanings. The term giveaway is mainly used now on social media and is most popular on Instagram. With a simple search of #giveaway, you can find up to 5 giveaway contests going on at any given moment.

The hashtag alone brings up more than 40 million results on Facebook. While it may not be as popular as it is on Instagram, Facebook features an advantage by making the search for giveaways easier. It brings up results on what groups you can join where people can give updates of giveaways going on, and it also shows you events you can attend hosted by people doing giveaways. Additionally, Facebook will also show you posts of all recent giveaways, unlike Instagram, which gives you many posts irrespective of the year or time.

The giveaway strategy is known to help raise engagement and for the brand or influencer to promote their business or page. According to HubSpot, it  one of the best tactics for boosting overall engagement, which is why the trend has recently grown in popularity. HubSpot also explains how to get started on giveaways and the tools needed to have a successful contest.

So, if you're someone looking for a freebie or a little extra cash, try your luck on entering the numerous giveaways and sweepstakes going on social media platforms today. Don't forget to watch out for big brands like Fablectics and CashApp who hold giveaway contests more often than others, or even your favorite influencers who might host a giveaway once in a while. Also, make sure to stay alert for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or even during the summer, where prizes align with the season.

If you're a business owner willing to boost your engagement online, you can also try this strategy. If you can't do as much as other brands that you see online, you can always start small and build your way up from there. Remember, whether you're looking to get freebies or a business owner trying to raise engagement, go for it. You're only a hashtag away!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/shadow-depth-of-field-photography-of-blue-box-1178600/