Since its mass inception in 2012, researchers have found that social media has created a negative impact on mental health. A study conducted by Reboot Foundation in 2021 found that 36% of adults ages 18 to 78 reported that social media intensified their feelings of anxiety and 30% felt that it intensified their feelings of depression, (Reboot Foundation, 2021). 

Many have called for alternatives and solutions to the negative feelings that often accompany social media usage. Brands such as Lush Cosmetics have taken a stand against social media due to a lack of safe spaces online. Until an alternative is presented, there are ways to combat one’s emotional responses to digital media; here are some of BlueTickSocial’s favorite ways to create positivity online.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Limit Your Time Online

Overexposure to online content can be draining and make your feelings seem more extreme than they are in the present. If you feel like social media is getting too overwhelming, there is no shame in logging off for the day. By removing yourself from the “situation” online, you are putting yourself first and prioritizing your emotions! iPhone features such as “Screen Time” can do this for you automatically by limiting the amount of time you spend on certain apps. 

  1. Curate Your Feed So You See What YOU Want To See

One of the simplest ways to create a positive space online is to follow accounts and pages that share content that makes you feel satisfied and comfortable when you scroll to it. If you follow a page that shares emotionally heavy or convoluted content, following them might not be the best idea if you think it will contribute to negative feelings. Our Director of Writing and PR, Alexa Brunet, recommends accounts like “Good News Movement” or “The Dodo.” We would also recommend our own Instagram account (of course) for fun and informational content! (-:

  1. Share Your Own Positive Content

If you have trouble finding positive content online, share your own! Did you have a good day today and want to share that with someone? Did you take a photo of something you found beautiful? Did you come across an inspirational quote that you want to share? Post about it! Sharing your own positive content can be a highlight in someone else’s social media feed and be exactly what they needed to see today.

  1. Comment Kindly

Social media comments can be a gateway to negative feelings. Combat this by keeping your own comments kind! You can uplift others in their comment sections by telling creators that you like their content, they make you laugh, or felt that the content was informational. You can also leave positive reviews for businesses or services when you have a good experience- this validates a business and makes the employees feel good about their services.

As a Digital Marketing agency, we hope that social media platforms create resources or alternatives to encourage positivity. In the meantime, while social media may still have negative effects on one’s emotions and feelings, you have the ultimate control over the content you see and engage with online. 

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