So you want to create fun, holiday content while also remaining on-brand? Here are a few holiday content ideas to get you started.

Tell A Story:

This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create light-hearted content that will also inspire viewers at home. With the holiday season approaching, there is no better time to tell you and your brand's story. Use holiday feelings of warmth and celebration to create connections with your audience!

Do a Giveaway:

If it works for your brand, there is no better time for a giveaway. In the spirit of giving, a giveaway is a simple way to build brand awareness while also promoting your products. Your giveaway can center around a product or even something more abstract, like winter activities.

Highlight Your Customers:

Include your customers in a festive way by shouting them out  and offering your appreciation via social Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any social media platform of your choosing. In the spirit of gratitude, don't forget to thank the people who support your business day in and day out. Holiday marketing during COVID can be challenging, but this is a way to further make connections with customers.

Use Memes:

There are so many infamous holiday images from movies and pop culture that lend themselves to a perfect meme format. Many people feel light-hearted around the holidays, so use that energy to create content that is sure to generate some laughs.