Former Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, boldly pronounced,  If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman   - and we couldn't agree more.

Women have long been subject to being interrupted, talked down to, mansplained, and more just due to being female in the workplace. Working While Female has become a workforce phenomenon in which women are not taken as seriously or seen as equitable competitors in any profession or position. We asked our Digital Marketing Strategist Sasha Khatami, what  working while female   means to her:  

Working while female means having to be the loudest voice in the room because if I don't speak out, no one will hear me. This, in turn, leads people to believe I'm bossy when really, I want the chance not to be drowned out by the voices who would call me bossy in the first place.

In 2021, there were more women than ever running Global 500 companies. These 23 women, however, only make up 4.6% of the total number of CEOs who run the 500 largest companies in the world (Fortune 500, 2021). While any improvement in inclusion is essential, this level of change starts from the bottom. Our Digital Marketing Writer Lauren Rowe had this to say about being a woman in today  workplace:  As a woman, I have constantly found that I have had to prove my intelligence with not only determination but also tangible information to back up my word. Whereas the word and intelligence of my male counterparts have been recognized without nearly as much, if any, vetting

Unfortunately, the rungs of the business ladder become subsequently wider the higher women try to climb from entry-level positions to C-suite positions. For every 100 men who get promoted, only 86 women get the same opportunity- meaning only 14% of women are able to increase their chances of growing in their profession (Women in the Workplace, 2021).  

BlueTickSocial  Digital Marketing Manager, Lane Tower, reflects on these incremental gaps in the workforce when she says:

"Through previous work and life experience, I have noticed that women take into account consequences when making decisions. We're told,  perhaps this is what holds us back   - I choose to see it as one of the many strengths women have to offer, which only motivates me to help change the narrative. How? First, I make sure my research is accurate, and then I walk with the confidence of someone who knows what they're talking about - regardless of what the man in the room may say."

Since the Women  Suffrage Movement victory in the early 1920s, women have worked tirelessly to gain equal access to opportunity in both their personal and professional endeavors. Despite the many advancements spurred on by all women, we remain subject to having to prove ourselves in every action and reaction. Shouldn't a woman  intellect indicate her competency rather than her feminine wiles? Shouldn't women's talent, work ethic, and intelligence in higher-up positions speak for themselves?

As women in business, we know that change starts from within. We are so proud to be a woman-owned and women-led business guided by the principles of inclusion and representation. Did you know, women own 31% of small businesses or franchises in the U.S. Guidant Financial, 2021)? We are thrilled to be part of this ever-growing statistic and to continue fueling professional and personal growth amongst women.  

Our CEO and Founder Yasmine Khosrowshahi had but one thing to say: To those women who are told they are disruptive in the workplace - I look forward to making strides in being disruptive alongside you.