No matter your business or brand, an important key to success is being able to find your target audience. Your audience will help you create specific and memorable content for your targeted consumers.


You can use key analytics such as reach, impressions, likes, shares, etc. These analytics can show you your typical customer  location, demographic, motivations, and buying habits. With the results of analytics, you can figure out who is most likely to interact with or make purchases from your brand. With this in mind, you are able to create a persona.

Create a Persona:

One idea to help find your target audience is to create a persona for your buyer, reader, or consumer. Your persona should cover who, what, when, where, and why with specific details including gender, personality, location, needs, psychographics, etc. The persona you choose to create will help you to visualize your target audience at all times and offers a point of reference when creating content.

Look to Competitors:

It  important to know who your competitor is in your industry. Use their approach or products to see what you can improve on, or perhaps offer a service that they don't. By looking at competitors, you can figure out a way to appeal to your target audience by creating content that would attract customers to you over your competitor.

Communicate With Customers:

One of the easiest and most effective ways to find your audience is to communicate with them directly. You can find out who your audience is and what they want by conducting email surveys, speaking with them directly, or asking for feedback after transactions. In doing so, your current customers will be able to tell you who they are and what they need from you.

Edit Your Audience:

As you begin to pay attention to your audience you will always be able to change your approach. Using analytics and interactions with customers, you will constantly be finding new ways to improve and cater to your target audience. Remember, there isn't one specific way to find your target audience so it is important to keep an open-minded approach when interacting with your consumers!

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