Social media platforms have been updating and transforming their platform to suit business owners better. Still, Facebook has managed to propel itself to the top of the social media race and remains there today. This position has allowed business owners to gain a competitive advantage when using Facebook over any other platform. The reason is for their monthly active users, which averages about 2 billion, unlike other social media platforms still in the millions. This means a lot of potential consumers for your business, but it also means a lot of competition because other companies are aware of this competitive advantage. So here are a few tips to ensure you're using Facebook ads effectively so you can achieve that competitive advantage.

With the help of Facebook Ad Manager, you're in control of your content making and brand awareness for your products and services. It  also one of the most cost-effective plans for businesses to promote their ads; no matter your budget, Facebook has a broad reach granting you a higher chance of reaching your target audience. This also means you won't need an ad manager or the help of a digital marketing agency to help in your ad-making process since facebook creates a guideline for you through their ad manager feature.

Another tip is that you can reach your exact target audience. There  no need to limit your target audience when it comes to Facebook because it provides a wide range of options. That being said, Facebook offers detailed targeting, taking into account variables such as age, location, and gender, to target specific audience members interested in your product or service; this plan of action undoubtedly presents a more customized approach.

Moreover, Facebook has so many features that help keep up your competitive advantage in new ways. A lookalike audience is an incredibly powerful way to reach new prospects and existing customers. For example, Facebook  lookalike audience gives you insight into what your competition  market looks like and ways to reach them. In this way, this tool allows you to target audiences similar to your most valuable customers. This strategy will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Finally, using Facebook Messenger Ads is a great way to reach a potential audience. With Messenger, potential customers receive ads about your services within their inbox, allowing them to create an organic conversation if they're interested in what you're offering. It also provides a unique and tailored experience for that user if they eventually become a  customer. This feature will allow businesses to convert Messenger conversations into online traffic, phone calls, and more.

If you feel like your business still needs that extra kick in added features or strategies that Facebook doesn't offer, don't worry- BlueTickSocial is here to help!

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