We have seen TikTok revolutionize social media, music, and more. How can your brand grab onto this fast-growing social media platform and make the most of it?

In a report on TikTok as a marketing social media, it was revealed that only 43.8% of industry professionals and their teams used creator campaigns in the last year (Social Media Today, September 22, 2021). Like any other marketing strategy, you have to prioritize the audience first. On September 10, 2021, Forbes reported that ...nearly half of TikTok  users are under 29 . This dramatically young age demographic means that you need to jump on trends as soon as possible to survive Gen Z  short attention span.

Be mindful of what you participate in while jumping on new trends by ensuring it aligns with your brand  content and overall message. Make sure you fully understand the subtleties of the trend, the song, and the dance moves for your audience. Creators and brands have gotten into some heat recently for using songs and trends that are appropriating other cultures or disrespecting the original songs.

The next step is to utilize creators. Why start your brand from the bottom up with no followers and no engagement when you can use the TikTok creators who already have a platform? Go out of your way to contact creators and try to set up a business relationship with them. This could mean a creator running an ad for you, doing a try-on haul of items you send them, or creating a long-term partnership with them. It is already well known that consumers are more likely to listen to their peers than brands, so harness this opportunity and partner with influencers because their audience will become your next customers.

Moving forward, keep the hashtag #Tiktokmademebuyit in mind. As soon as a clothing item, skincare product, makeup brushes, home decor, shoes, cups, or really anything goes viral on TikTok, it flies off the shelves. Use TikTok to drive your desired audience to your products. And maybe this doesn't mean running traditional ad campaigns and instead focus on having creators feature your products. As soon as a popular TikToker shows their audience their new favorite foundation, it flies off the shelves. If you don't believe us, try to find L'Oreal  Infallible Powder Foundation, Scrub Daddy Sponges, The Pink Stuff Cleaning Solution, or Magic Shave Powder on shelves. All of these products saw a dramatic boost in sales, and we can owe that to TikTok.


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