Chances are, you have overlooked Pinterest in the past. You may think of Pinterest as an app or website for recipes, mood boards, and knitting patterns, but in reality, it can be a marketer  best friend. Pinterest is one of the largest growing social media sites, with its most significant increase in users and traffic during the COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdowns. This site is a place to look for inspiration, recipes, ideas, and products, but beyond this, it is also a hub for companies and products.  

Pinterest is a goldmine for companies looking to reach a larger audience and get their products out to many different people. The first step to utilizing Pinterest is to consider it less as a social media platform and more as a search engine. Like Google, Pinterest is a hub for people asking questions and looking for answers. By optimizing your SEOs, Pinterest works the same way as any search engine and bumps your products and services up to the top of relevant searches. But this search engine feature goes even further. If you place relatable and relevant SEOs in your Pinterest posts, your posts will also be searchable on Google.  

Pinterest posts are also a quick and easy way to link to a website or directly to a product. Unlike Instagram, which has only recently included the feature to directly link products in posts, Pinterest has been perfecting this tech for years. Pinterest posts are a direct link to blogs, products, and services. Christine-Lauren Pollack, an author, and blogger says that her blog receives 70% of its traffic directly from Pinterest. By posting snippets of her blog posts on Pinterest, she can grab the attention of her desired audience and increase traffic to her website.  

Pinterest makes finding products and services even easier for consumers. Recently, consumers can get products directly from Pinterest posts in a groundbreaking partnership with Albertsons Grocery Stores. Suppose a consumer is scrolling on Pinterest looking for a recipe and comes across an apple pie recipe from Albertsons' Pinterest account. In that case, they can add the necessary ingredients directly into their cart in the Albertsons app. Pinterest is not only linking you to products and services, but they are also making it easy for you to buy products in easy, convenient ways.  

Pinterest, more than other social media sites, is focused on helping companies reach consumers. In December 2020, Pinterest released a 2021 predictions list, which highlighted the trends they believed would skyrocket in 2021. Currently, that list has been 80% correct, with only three months left in 2021. In addition, Pinterest provides business accounts with comprehensive and unique overviews of their reach, audience, and niche. Pinterest is focused on optimizing your business' performance, so why not try it?  



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