Pioneered by Snapchat, the concept of a live story captivated social media users virtually overnight. As a result, most social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, have added a live story function.

Live stories have and continue to transform how brands connect with consumers and potential customers. This time-limited, ephemeral content is not only designed to be easily digestible to social media users but it is also manufactured to give brands a voice in their respective industries.

You can also use live stories to feature the behind-the-scenes process behind your product  manufacturing or perhaps sneak peeks at unreleased products to come!

Additionally, live stories are time-savers for consumers as they simply have to click an icon at the top of their feed rather than visiting your page and scrolling through it in search of desired content. This way, your brand can share its content in a more convenient and low-cost manner through the live story function.

Remember, human beings are story-telling animals. Use this to your benefit when considering your social media content strategy, as live stories offer your brand the opportunity to tell its story.