Kendall Jenner and Pepsi. Danielle Bernstein and WeWoreWhat. Lil Nas X and Nike.

Plenty of brands, and celebrities by association, have orchestrated and participated in some very questionable ad campaigns that have become notoriously controversial. While controversy is never encouraged, per se, sometimes it can become a positive for some brands.

While Nike wasn’t the actual manufacturer of Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” the company has been associated with many “controversial” ad campaigns such as their “Equality” film to highlight black athletes and their “Dream Crazy” ad surrounding Colin Kaepernick. Despite, or perhaps in spite, of the backlash these ads have received, the company has leaned into controversies to make it work for them.

As more and more consumers expand their online presence, they have begun to take note of brands that align themselves with social causes and stand up for what they believe in. A global study conducted by Accenture in 2018 found that of 30,000 consumers, 62% would like to see a company take a stand on current issues and events like sustainability, transparency, or fair employment practices (Accenture, 2018).

Regardless of why, if a brand is trending online, consumers will follow. For example, after their ad with Kaepernick, Nike’s sales rose by 31% and their social media mentions jumped 1,678% (MarketWatch, 2018)

By sticking to your brand’s values and beliefs, you will naturally attract loyal consumers who will support your brand and its products or services. 

While we might not be Nike, BlueTickSocial believes in authenticity, consistency, and personability- and we make it a point to reflect this in any type of content we put out. Our CEO and Founder, Yasmine Khosrowshahi, wants brands to be thinking about longevity and loyalty in their everyday operations.

“It’s so easy to appeal to everyone when online, but thinking about the consumer on a personal, real-life level takes work. With our new digital world, people are craving experiences and emotional connections.” Yasmine says.

“To think long term, you want to appeal to the feelings and thoughts of consumers. It’s more than saying what you think they want to hear. The world changes every day and people are tired of constant change. Being consistent helps consumers know they can count on and trust you- creating a loyal relationship.”

Controversy is certainly not the first thing that would come to mind when you think of staying consistent with your brand, but it is a good test! While BlueTickSocial would never recommend getting involved in any sort of controversy, we can help you identify your core values and provide you with reputation management…just in case.


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