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Beyond The Social: Digital Marketing Consulting 101

Our BlueTickSocial team knows there is one sole focus in digital marketing: the success of your brand. We will work with you to create custom and strategic marketing plans to help you and your brand succeed. CEO and Founder of BTS, Yasmine Khosrowshahi, has first-hand experience in how to create a successful custom marketing plan

Beyond the Social: Website Design & Development

There are a variety of details that go into creating a new website design for a client. Sasha Khatami, the Digital Marketing Strategist for BlueTick Social, articulates how details can create a bigger picture.   “We take the social strategy we have crafted for them along with the new branding and colors to create a

Beyond The Social: Google Analytics & SEO

Google Analytics and SEO have become even more important in increasing brand awareness and visibility on social media. BTS’s Editor-In-Chief, Alexa Brunet, shares why considering any form of SEO is critical wherever possible: “SEO is crucial for getting your company website on Google’s first search results page. Keywords, both short and long-tailed, are crucial to

Beyond The Social: Digital Marketing Services

We offer unique social media management that will change the game for how you can build your brand voice and connect with your existing and potential audiences. Let us help you be the next big brand in the digital world. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Lane Tower, is very familiar with the management process and its

Beyond The Social: Marketing Services 101

Written by: Lauren Rowe BlueTickSocial’s onboarding process takes a deep dive into the client’s industry by applying rigorous research techniques and creative branding strategies. Based on our client’s goals, we develop a unique and customizable strategy that primarily promotes the client’s authenticity online. In doing so, our clients can genuinely and directly connect with their

Best Instagram Story Features for Your Business

Written by: Taylor Baker When building your social media strategy for Instagram, it’s essential to plan what content you’re going to use and how to get the audience to engage with it. Instagram stories are among the most attractive features in the social media world, with one in five stories getting a direct message from

Making Your Content Accessible

Written by: Claire Dawkins We know you want to spread the reach of your brand. So why are you limiting your audience by not making all of your content accessible? Computers, phones, and social media sites are always optimizing their content to make it accessible for everyone. So, let’s talk about the ways you can

Instagram changing to a Video-sharing app? Here’s what to expect!

Written by: Tori Jakpa Instagram has been a top social media platform for many years and continues to keep up with the trends, and continually creates new features to keep its users loyal. Recently, it was announced the long-time photo-sharing app would be making changes to keep up with their biggest rival, TikTok, which has

How to Utilize TikTok Trends for your Brand

Written by: Claire Dawkins We have seen TikTok revolutionize social media, music, and more. How can your brand grab onto this fast-growing social media platform and make the most of it?  In a report on TikTok as a marketing social media, it was revealed that only 43.8% of industry professionals and their teams used creator

How To Use Facebook Ads to Gain a Competitive Edge

Social media platforms have been updating and transforming their platform to suit business owners better. Still, Facebook has managed to propel itself to the top of the social media race and remains there today.